Parliamentary Reception

Parliamentary Reception – We need your help!

7 Oct, 2018

We are delighted to tell you that we have been successful in our application to host a Parliamentary Reception in the Jubilee Room of the House of Commons on Thursday November 1st, 2018!

We will be giving a presentation on the problems with the way in which Pernicious Anaemia is diagnosed and treated. The presentation will be given by the Chairman of the Society Martyn Hooper MBE and will raise awareness amongst Members of Parliament of the problems faced by our members in getting diagnosed early and receiving adequate treatment.

Invite your MP to our Reception!

Now we need your help. We want you to contact your MP and make him or her aware of the Reception. We have prepared a sample letter for you to use to send to your MP. Remember to add his or her name to the top of the letter and to fill in your name and address at the bottom and sign it.
We have also produced an invitation that you can send to your MP.
If you are unsure about who your MP is please find out by entering your postcode here: They work for you website

Please let us know if your MP will be attending and what time presentation he or she would like to attend. You can contact us by sending an email to in**@pa***.uk

It would be useful if you would also telephone your MPs Constituency and Parliamentary office to reinforce your request. Information on how to contact your MP can be found here.

The success of the day will depend on how many MPs attend so please don’t rely on someone else in your area contacting your MP. Let’s raise more awareness amongst those who are making decisions on our behalf!

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  1. Mary Epke

    Thank you Martyn for devoting so much time for our benefit . Can’t thank you enough for all you do ..

    • Fiona Sloane

      Thank you. This, and the NICE guidelines review, is great news. Not immediate, but then all of use have learned a lot of patience over the years!

  2. Lynn Griffiths

    Well done for organising this. We’ll do our best to make this as widely available as possible. We’ve seen the devastating affect that this illness can have in our own family as our daughter in law is a sufferer. Crossing fingers for a good result for you.

  3. Barbara

    I am so glad you are fighting for the benefit of us all, Martyn.
    Thank you
    My letter is on its’ way!
    Let us see if we get a response????

  4. Suzanne bowie

    If they could look at legalization of b12 pre the brexit that would be very handy. It needs to be available over the counter asap


    Just to advise that I have shared this on facebook and twitter. I have also contacted my MP. Thank you for all that you are doing.


  6. Ann Marie Rodnes

    I too have written to my SMP asking him to attend on the 1st. I have asked for his thoughts afterwards so hope he attends. Thank you, Martyn, for doing this important job.

  7. Linda Cadle

    I am sorting letter to post,have been away so catching up.Will try best to get it noticed as you do such brilliant work on all our behalves .Thank You from someone who has been forced to self inject.

  8. Kathy Ascham

    Thank you Martyn. My letter is on it’s way to the House of Commons and I am also taking a copy in person to my MP’s Constituency Office.

    I have asked family and friends to write too.

  9. Jenny Hurton

    Thank you for arranging this! I have sent the letter and invite to my MP; hopefully you will get a full house for these presentations.

  10. Elizabeth Holliday

    Thanks for all your hard work in getting to this stage – my MP is Dr Sarah Wollaston so have high hopes that she will attend

  11. Jane Williams

    Thank you for all your hard work & good to see some positive outcomes. I’ve contacted my local MP Mr Stephen Morgan & hope there’s good attendance at reception. I was diagnosed in 1999 & it has been increasingly difficult to be classroom teacher & look after 3 grandchildren under 5 to support my daughter going back to work.



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