running for the PAS

Running for the PAS

11 Oct, 2018

Virgin London Marathon

In the summer we were lucky enough to be granted a Silver Bond entry to next year’s Virgin London Marathon. We have a waiting list of members of the society who want to enter this prestigious sporting event on behalf of our charity and top of the waiting list was Elise Dyer who is a member of the society who is originally from the UK but now lives in the Southwest of France.


Elise’s story is one that I have heard far too frequently. 10 years ago her Ileum Valve was removed due to her Crohn’s Disease; and it’s in the Ileum that the magic takes place and the B12 is absorbed from food. So with no Ileum Elise wouldn’t be able to absorb any B12 and so would need replacement therapy injections for life. Unfortunately they weren’t prescribed. I wish this was the only case I have heard where a patient has had their Ileum removed or compromised in some way but not been prescribed replacement therapy B12 but it isn’t. Elise is not alone though why doctors, clever people who want the best for their patients, don’t routinely prescribe B12 injections is a mystery to me and I’m sure, or at least I hope that these patients are in the minority, but the case remains that not all patients undergoing surgery relating to their Ileum are prescribed replacement therapy injections. You can probably guess the outcome for Elise but I’ll let you read her story yourself here on her blog.

Sponsor Elise running the London Marathon

Anyway, Elise is now fighting fit and is in serious training for the Virgin London Marathon next spring, running for the PAS. Please consider sponsoring her. If every current member sponsored her for just £1 then she would raise over £6,000 to help us meet our daily ‘running’ costs – see what I did there..
Here’s the link to read about Elise’s story and sponsor her.

If you would like to know more about fundraising for the PAS or want us to promote your fundraising event, you can find more info on our Fundraising Page.


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