Last Friday we delivered the 45 frozen Urine Samples to the laboratory in Milton Keynes as part of the research programme that is investigating why some patients need more frequent injections than others.

The urine samples, which were transported in dry ice, are from the same patients who provided faecal samples. The urine was frozen because we didn’t know whether we would need them analysed. But because there have been some exciting findings relating to the faecal samples the urine now has to be analysed to see if the samples also reveal the same surprising results.
All of the samples have been anonymised and have been subject to strict controls. Hopefully the results will confirm what the researchers already know. However, this won’t be any time soon as the tests will take quite a time to be completed.

The Research Team (from three different universities) want us to pass on their thanks to all those who participated in the project. Hopefully we shall have some more good news to pass on later on in the year.

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