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Introductory remarks by Martyn Hooper MBE
Dr Chris Steele MBE – DAT, DAT, DAT
Dr Nicola Ward – Treatment of Pernicious Anaemia
Professor John Hunter – Abnormal Gut Flora & B12 Study: The Sory So Far
Dr Anna Guildford – Cells, B12 & Future Treatment
Dr Dominic Harrington – Laboratory Assessment of B12 Status: The Active B12 Test
Rachael Barnes – Skin Deep A Pilot Project for Patients Self-Injecting
Dr Willemina Rietsema – B12: Work in Progress
Lenira Semedo – The impact of Pernicious Anaemia on health-related quality of life
Dr Heidi Seage – Exploring the impact of stigma on well-being in PA
Dr Malcolm Boyce – Recruitment to NET’s Project
Dr Hajo Auwerda – Vitamin B12; the most beautiful cofactor in nature
Dilys Davison – Summary of the day and & Martyn Hooper – Final Words

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