We are a victim of our own success! With an ever-increasing membership and lots of activity at international, national and regional levels, the work of the society continues to increase. And we need help.

In order to continue to provide the services that we do and grow to meet the needs of patients in the future we need funds. We are now very keen to recruit a volunteer Grants and Bid writer who can help us meet the challenges of the future. If you are an experienced Grant and Bid writer and can spare time to apply for large grants on behalf of the society we would love to hear from you. Or maybe you know someone who is experienced in this highly specialised work who would be able to help the society. If you have a background in writing bids, or know someone who would be happy to help us, please get in touch.

Similarly, we are looking for a Social Media Manager who has extensive knowledge of and experience in working with the various social media platforms that are such an important feature of modern life. We are conscious that we are not using social media platforms as well as we could to keep our members up to date with what’s going on and so, if you have some time to spare, and you would like to help the society to increase its social media presence please contact us.

To increase our so much needed member support we are looking for a Members’ Service Manager. Ideally you would be living near our office in Bridgend, but it is also possible to work from your home. Do you have a very good knowledge of Pernicious Anaemia and all that’s involved and/or experience with phone/email support and would you like to help our members with advice and support?

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Please upload your CV or other document in PDF/odt/docx format.

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