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Your membership fee or donations go towards the running of society, but also help us to fund research projects, awareness campaigns and many other activities. With your help we can continue to do our valuable work, supporting those that need it and campaigning to secure future improvements in detection and treatment of this illness.

Becoming a member will give you the following benefits:
Access to the full website
Get access to detailed information about Pernicious Anaemia and our full library or leaflets and articles
Research Programmes
You have the opportunity to participate in research programmes
You will receive our quarterly newsletter – Cobalamin News
Seminars & Webinars
You will be able to attend our conferences and seminars at a reduced fee, watch the livestream and get first access to the presentations after the event.
Access to our Helpline Support
You can call or email us for advice and support any time you need it
Access to a Local Support Group

Depending on locality, you’ll be able to join a local support group

Access to our Advocacy Services
relating to Employment and Educational issues

We can provide evidence and appear as Expert Witnesses in Trials, Tribunals and Hearings (for a small fee and expenses)

International Community
Become part of an International Patient Support Group that is actively campaigning to get the way in which Pernicious Anaemia is diagnosed and treated thoroughly reviewed – the more of us there are, the bigger our voice is!

But there is also another reason to join us. We are an established charity representing more than 8,000 patients who have been diagnosed as having Pernicious Anaemia. The more members we have the bigger our voice will be in getting the way in which Pernicious Anaemia is diagnosed and treated thoroughly reviewed.

Join us and help us bring about this much needed review.

We offer three Membership Plans:

“I have found the PAS invaluable for providing information and support since diagnosis 4 years ago. Because of the PAS I have been able to take control of my condition which has relieved a lot of anxiety and given me the confidence me to treat myself when necessary. This enables me to continue with employment and normal life without the overwhelming fatigue which I previously experienced. I am sincerely grateful to all at the PAS!”


“My GP had stopped my B12 injections and after an appointment would not agree to restarting them. The support and advise from making contact with the society was invaluable. It was still a fight and letters sent to the practice from myself and the society were not responded to. However, on collecting a repeat prescription for other medication it also contained an ampoule of B12. As I am a nurse I am able to injected myself and so far the prescriptions have continued. So I can only presume that the GP had “given in”! So thanks to everyone, without your help I dread to think what state I would be in.”


“In 2012-13 the PAS saved my life. After one year off work and a heart operation I was getting worse. In desperation a google search of my symptoms took me to the PAS to discover my symptoms were not a mystery. After self treatment and a further 7 months of recovery I restarted work. I am classed as a success story but have permanent damage which could have been easily avoided. I will always be thankful for the help.”


“In November 2014 and June 2016 the Pernicious Anaemia helped me to get my B12 injections reinstated, by providing advise and letters to give to my GP. After providing a letter in early December 2014 my GP reinstated my injections but then withdrew them again. The Pernicious Anaemia Society kindly provided a second letter which resulted in the injections being reinstated. I am very grateful to the Pernicious Anaemia Society for their support and I believe that without their support my injections would have been withdrawn.”


“It gave me my life back through information, education and links to others with long term experience. It continues to fight for GP recognition for this dreadfully under treated condition. It guided me safely through to self medicating. It without doubt has been a live saver for many.”


“Given me the confidence that comes from having expert, informed and impartial information. Knowing that the society is advocating for people with PA in all the important forums. Someone keeping an eye out for new developments in research and treatment.”


“From the knowledge gained from the society I was able to approach my GP to request more frequent injections, initially on a trial basis.
2. My GP admits she knows very little about the subject and I was able to direct her to the medical presentations of the researchers posted on the site which she found very useful. I am lucky in that she is willing to experiment and learn about pernicious anaemia.
3. I was able to approach a doctor at HO to find out if a physio could prescribe medication to me with my complaint.”


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