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4 Oct, 2017


Yesterday we met with the Laboratory Director of one of the Regional General Hospitals in Wales. The meeting was relating to one of the research programmes currently being conducted that the society is involved in. At the meeting, it was revealed that the hospital laboratory will be introducing the Active B12 Test soon, hopefully by the end of the year.

This is a major breakthrough, not because the test is perfect because we know it isn’t, but it will mean that GP’s in the area surrounding the laboratory will have to be trained to interpret the new results.

We are aware that many of our members are paying for private Active B12 tests to be carried out, but when they present the results to their GP he or she is unaware of the test and is unable to interpret the result.

And while the test may not be the panacea it was identified by the authors of the new Guidelines on Cobalamin and Folate as showing promise as the test in the future. This development is to be welcomed as going some way to address the problem with the current assessment of patients’ B12 levels and it may be the first steps of a long journey to improving the way people with Pernicious Anaemia are diagnosed.

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  1. Per Johnson

    Holotanskobolamin is good, but Homocystein and MMA show your functinal value of B12. Most important.

  2. Michelle


  3. Peter Clarke

    It would be fine if I could get a Doctor to listen to me. I have tried many times

  4. Shazz

    I’ve been told b12 levels fine but Ive tested positive for intrinsic factor. GP has agreed to start b12 injections 3 monthly but no to initial course of injections. I’m confused because I have many neurological symptoms. Should I pay privately for extra injections?


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