Appeal Tribunal

10 Oct, 2017

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

The Benefits System in the UK underwent a major change in recent years with the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) replacing the Disability Living Allowance.
Those who used to receive, or still receive the Disability Living Allowance will have their claim re-assessed against the new criteria for the PIP. The criteria for PIP is quite different from those used in the past and many people have found that they do not qualify for PIP.

Appeal Tribunal

Those who are told they do not meet the criteria for the new benefit are allowed to Appeal against the decision and yesterday, for the third time this year, the Chairman of the Society, Martyn Hooper MBE attended an Appeal Tribunal where he was able to assist the Tribunal Panel in understanding how Pernicious Anaemia affects the everyday lives of people.

The Tribunal Panel is made up of three professionals who are usually; A Judge, A Doctor (GP) and a Social Worker. Also in the court will be the Clerk to the Court and in some cases a representative of the Department of Work and Pensions. The Appeal lasts around one hour.
The Society can provide you with a Representative who can ask the person making the appeal questions as do the other members of the panel.


We are pleased to say that the appeal, like the two previous appeals we have appeared at, was successful.
For more information about the appeals process and the full story of this one, please see Martyn’s blog.
Please note that whilst we are happy to represent members of the society at these tribunals it may be that we will have to ask for some payment to cover travelling expenses in the future. Of course, we will always make exceptions to this if it is not possible to pay such expenses.


  1. Helen

    Can you still claim this if you are working I had to cut my hours down from 30 a week to 20 a week as sometime I can hardly dov4hrs a day x thank you x

    • Martyn Hooper

      We can’t advise you on this – everyone can make a claim if you need help with independent living.

  2. Avis Hannon

    Wow, what we do without Martyn and co, most of us would be out of out depth. Thank you for all you do, I am one of the lucky ones who have not needed help but am just thankful there is someone to talk to and help if I did need it. Bless you all xx

  3. Corinne

    Hi could you tell me if I could claim PIP? , I have pernicious anemia, underactive thyroid and high blood pressure. I have never been given any information regarding this and I would appreciate some

    Many thanks

    • Martyn Hooper

      We can’t advise you on this – everyone can make a claim if you need help with independent living.

    • Barry

      Hi Corrine , I applied for PIP through my local Citizens Advice Bureau ( prior to my Dr telling me I had P.A. )
      I got the application form via website, and the guy at CAB filled it in .

      • jane

        I have a tribuneral for esa .i haverning disabiĺty very bad memorey diffiltis filling form up blood preshure depreshion artheritis in the fingers in my legs kick in a head wen i was yung raped wen i was yung buy two men

  4. Tamie

    Absolutely fantastic well done.

  5. Anne

    Thank you Martin for everything you do.

  6. Kelly Williams

    I have recently been diagnosed, well it feels recent, with PA. I have just had my second 3mnthly injection.

    I used to be a Welfare Rights Officer representing people at Tribunals, however moved on and only now complete benefit forms.

    The advice I can give about PIP is it looked at individually – if you have difficulty, need or use aids or another person to complete daily living or mobility activities, then you may qualify.

    I hope this helps.

  7. suzanne parry

    I have recieved a form ESA50 i HAVE BEEN ON esa a while due to anxiety and depression. Recently I have bee diagnosed with pernicious anaemia. I am dreading that they will send for an asessment and it making me feel ill


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