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23 Jan, 2017

Pernicious Anaemia Society

We’ve started to write the new documentary that will raise awareness of the problems with the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pernicious Anaemia. It was in 2011 that our first documentary, ‘Living with the Fog’ was produced and although it was well received we didn’t have the evidence at that time that there are serious problems that patients face in getting a diagnosis and receiving adequate treatment that we have access to now. Now, the amount of evidence relating to the disease means that this new documentary will be much more than just anecdotal stories, it will feature interviews with medical professionals and other scientists that will show that the way in which the condition is diagnosed and treated needs to be thoroughly reviewed. And we’ll be interviewing members who have interesting stories to tell (more about that later).
And, in addition to looking at the problems relating to diagnosing and treating the disease, there will also be a section that reports on how Pernicious Anaemia impacts on the everyday lives of sufferers. We’ve been busy working with Psychologists and other interested professionals to investigate just how PA affects patients Family Life, Social Life, Working Life, and Education. In addition, it will also report on how the Healthcare systems around the world are also being affected, not only in financial terms due to misdiagnosis, but also in doctors not ‘looking’ for the disease.
Now, why are we telling you this? Because we want suggestions for the title of the film.
It is going to be a well-balanced and serious investigation and so ‘sensational’ titles would not be suitable. Nor will the film be an angry investigation; it has to be balanced otherwise it just becomes a polemic which will not be treated as a serious piece of work. It will be a calm investigation that relates facts as they are in a non-sensational way. And we need a title that reflects this.
Please let us have your suggestions by writing a comment below this post. If we choose the title from one of the suggestions the winning entry will get a signed copy of Martyn Hooper’s latest book and will be invited to the premiere of the film.
Please remember, no sensationalism!
Best of luck.

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