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9 Sep, 2016


Yesterday I visited a young lady (18) who was diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia in June, just days after she completed her A-Levels. She had been ill for over a year and had really struggled with her studies leading up to the exams. She’s still coming to terms with the diagnosis but is in good heart and looking forward to starting her University course in the next two weeks.
The problem is, of course, that although she had completed her loading doses she still feels extremely tired which is why I was visiting her – she doesn’t do mornings and I don’t do afternoons so I travelled to meet her and her mother late morning.
She is, obviously, slightly anxious about her continued tiredness and her continuing studies (one of the GPs at her surgery told her she was depressed and anxious about nothing – imagining the symptoms) and I was able to show her the leaflet in the society’s online library that she can print out and give to her personal tutor so that he or she is aware of how the disease impacts on patients. Not only this but I offered to accompany her to any meeting with her tutors and provided her with my mobile telephone number so that any of her tutors could contact me for further information.
It’s a timely reminder then to make our student members aware of how we can help them to continue their education but please, please make your tutor(s) aware of your condition by printing out the leaflet for teachers and lecturers before your studies start. It’s much more difficult to sort out any problems once they have been encountered so being pre-emptive can often mean that any problem that could arise in the future can be avoided.
To access this help simply telephone the office – if there’s nobody there leave a message and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Kirsty

    Could I have a link to the leaflet please? I am currently doing an Hnc in additional support needs. I have P.A. and have seriously struggled with fatigue and memory already this year and I only began the course on the 29th August. I get my injection every 8 weeks and still flag around the 4/5 week mark. It usually takes a week to feel the full benefit of my injection. Thanks.

  2. Vee

    Living this right now. Though I’m in Canada and I take my shots weekly, there are times I forget. Then things get ridiculous. It’s hard to explain that to people.

  3. Nainey

    I submitted the PA leaflet as evidence for my University course resit. It was really helpful to explain the impact of the condition.

  4. Tasha Garrod

    Please get in touch with me if you’d like some information about support that might be available for this young lady at University to help her with her studies. I work as a Disability Adviser at a University and also suffer from PA. She might have it al already but I’d hate for her to not know that there are things available which may help.

    • Bernie taylor

      What support is available to students in UK daughter is suffering and struggling a lot at the moment

  5. Catherine Carlisle

    My 17 year old daughter who has celiac has just been diagnosed with PA and is due to have a blood test before her first injection, not sure but think she has to have them every 3 months but nothing was mentioned about a booster dose to start with. She has recently been hospitalised with a severe kidney infection which led to sepsis, she is continually fatigued and her hair is falling out in huge clumps, she is in the second year of studying for her A levels, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you . Catherine Carlisle.

    • Pernicious Anaemia Society

      For individual advice please telephone the office. If there is nobody there to take your call leave a message with your name and contact number and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

  6. Jimmy O'Bryant

    I have Permicious Anaemis. I have had it since about 1984. I still rember how bad and tired I felt. The Doctors I had at that time worked with me to figure out a shot schedule that kept me feeling good and able to function at work. We discovered that .5cc once a week kept me from the extreem highs and lows that once a month was doing to me.


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