Do you remember a few months ago I told you about a letter written to a Gastroenterology Journal by Prof. Mark Pritchard (and me – but I didn’t really contribute much) about Gastric Cancer and Pernicious Anaemia? Well there were a number of responses and now, out of the blue, I’ve been contacted by a research team based in London that wants to further investigate the cause and consequent prevention of patients with PA developing Gastric Cancer.

I investigated this in my last book and it seems that whilst patients with PA are more at risk of developing gastric cancer that risk is only slight. It’s all to do with Gastrin and histamine and it’s all very complicated. Anyway, it seems that the research team want to involve the society and next week I’m meeting up with the team to find out more about the project (that involves many millions of pounds by the way) and how the society can help.

It’s so refreshing to know that dedicated scientists are interested in this whole area of PA and Gastric Cancer(s) and that it’s the subject that is concentrating the minds of some very clever people. More about this in the future.

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