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Report on the Conference in Denmark

24 May, 2017

Pernicious Anaemia Society

The 11th International Conference on Homocysteine and One Carbon Metabolism that we were invited to speak at has now closed. See also the earlier news post about the conference here.

The event, held over five days in Aarhus, Denmark, attracted over 200 delegates from all over the world. There were 60 presentations including one from the Chairman of the Society, Martyn Hooper MBE.

Martyn’s presentation centered on how the problems with determining what constitutes a B12 Deficiency is having a devastating impact on patients who have Pernicious Anaemia because of late or non-diagnosis.
The presentation, which lasted twenty minutes was very well received and one commentator likened it to ‘a breath of fresh air’.

One highly respected researcher who has published extensively over the years on various aspects of vitamin B12 approached Martyn at the end of the conference and noted that the only problem with his presentation was that he failed to mention the other tests used in diagnosing B12 Deficiency in Primary Care.
“You should have mentioned the MMA and Homocysteine tests that are used”.
He was astounded and lost for words when he was told that those two tests are not routinely used in Primary Care.

It seems that, following the very positive comments we received, it is very likely that we will be asked to attend the next conference and similar ones that take place on a regular basis.

You can read a summary of all the presentions at the conference here in PDF

and Martyn Hooper’s full report on the conference on his blog here

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