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Our Survey to be Published Soon

4 Jun, 2014

The results of our Survey on members’ experiences in getting diagnosed and treated has been accepted for publication by the British Journal of Nursing. The Survey was completed by over 1,300 members and the data has been ‘cleaned’ and analysed by an experienced statistician and written up into a paper by two GPs. The findings are a mirror of what is to be found on the forum – that there are serious problems with the way in which Pernicious Anaemia is diagnosed and treated.
The paper will be published in Vol 23, No 7 which will appear on Thursday 10th March.
This is a very important step forward for the society as for the first time those interested in bringing about change in the way PA is diagnosed and treated will have, for the first time, a reference point to support their work.
Our thanks go to Dr Porter, Dr McCaddon and Peter Hudson for their tireless work on this.


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