oral tablets B12 for pernicious anaemia

Oral Supplements in Cornwall

Just before Christmas we heard that a GP in Cornwall had written to all patients with PA telling them that they no longer had to have injections of B12 as “new research” had revealed that new 1mg tablets were now available from health food shops such as Holland and Barrett. The letter also stated that this switch to oral tablets was supported by the PA Society.

Obviously this caused serious concern among many members and we immediately contacted the practice manager of the health centre and was told that the doctor who wrote the letter had been at a training event where oral supplementation instead of injections was discussed. Unfortunately the GP who had written the letter was on leave and wouldn’t return until after Christmas. The GP concerned telephoned on New Year’s Eve and apologised on two counts – firstly for stating that the PA Society supported the move towards oral supplementation (we certainly don’t) and secondly for the content of the letter. He stated that he had either misinterpreted information given out at the training seminar or that he was acting on what had been stated. If the first explanation is the answer then we hope that is the end of the matter. However, if the company responsible for delivering the training is stating that oral supplementation is now the preferred treatment then it seems obvious that many more of our members will be affected by this issue as there were over fifty GP’s at the event.

We will now contact the training company involved to clarify the content of the programme.
In the meantime, if you receive a similar letter stating that injections are to be stopped and you are advised to purchase oral B12 from health stores please contact us as soon as possible with the name and contact details of the health centre involved so that we can stop this practice.


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