Conference Update

We’ve been getting quite a few telephone calls about the conference in Birmingham on the 10th December. As you will see, the conference is a sell out with the last tickets being snatched up over three weeks ago. The telephone callers want to know one of two things....

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Another Research Proposal

Do you remember a few months ago I told you about a letter written to a Gastroenterology Journal by Prof. Mark Pritchard (and me – but I didn’t really contribute much) about Gastric Cancer and Pernicious Anaemia? Well there were a number of responses and now, out of...

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Students and Pernicious Anaemia

Yesterday I visited a young lady (18) who was diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia in June, just days after she completed her A-Levels. She had been ill for over a year and had really struggled with her studies leading up to the exams. She’s still coming to terms with...

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The Cobalamin (B­12) Conference

My thanks go to the doctor who sent me a book that contains details of the papers produced at a conference on Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin). It’s refreshing to know that some of the greatest minds are now concentrating on the many issues surrounding this amazing vitamin...

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Office closed for holidays

We’ve had an incredibly busy summer, upgrading our website, organising the December Conference, Organising the New Membership System, writing various Grant Applications and dealing with an average of 12 telephone enquiries and a lot of emails every day. We deserve a...

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Oral Treatment

Word reaches me of movings afoot in London that are not unexpected. It seems that the Dept. of Health and other interested parties are engaging with pharmaceutical companies and ‘suggesting’ that they may want to investigate the possibility of developing a 1mg or 2mg...

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A big step forward in research

We have now seen the final Application for a multi-million-pound grant to investigate why some patients with Pernicious Anaemia feel no benefit from their replacement therapy injections and why some need very high doses of the vitamin to feel well.

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Share your story and help us raise awareness!

We are looking for members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society who cannot manage on the twelve weekly treatment regime that is used to treat PA in the UK. If you live in the south of England, especially in Hampshire, Dorset or the Isle of Wight and would be willing to...

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New St Louis Support Group

Well, well: two United States based Support Groups in one week!   There's another support group now for St Louis/Missouri.   Members will find the contact details for the Missouri Support Group and all other Support Groups on our Community page. If there is no Support...

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