A big step forward in research

31 Jul, 2016


We have now seen the final Application for a multi-million-pound grant to investigate why some patients with Pernicious Anaemia feel no benefit from their replacement therapy injections and why some need very high doses of the vitamin to feel well.

The research team are all specialists in their fields and are drawn from five different universities.
All of them have had papers published and peer reviewed in the past that have been about various aspects of Vitamin B12.

There are four five academic disciplines involved including Bio-Chemists and Mathematicians. Our friend Vitamin B12 pops up in all manner of places and in some very surprising scientific disciplines.

The aim of the project is simply to understand what exactly happens to the vitamin at cell level – something that has been explored by other research teams in the past two years with some exciting new revelations.

Hopefully these questions which have dogged the PA Society since its inception will finally be answered.
The society was responsible for bringing these questions to the table and was responsible for introducing the lead researchers.

The Chairman has written a letter of support to the grant makers. We will keep you informed of the progress of the application.

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  1. Josee Allen

    If this means that PA is finally being taken seriously…BRAVO! My English grandfather and my mother both died of it.. I have cousins in England who have it and limp from one injection to another so that the nerve damage increases all the time as the medication runs out. I am lucky that I now live in the USA and I can get medications over the counter to at least help when symptoms occur and I have a good doctor who does blood tests every three months. I feel sorry for those people in Europe who have no such care. A friend in France has had his stomach removed and has not been given sub lingual B12 to compensate. Shameful.

    • Denise Macgregor

      Can you get injectable forms of b12 over the counter in the USA ? Without a prescription?

      • Nancy

        You need a prescription in the U.S. for injectable
        B12. You can buy capsules and sublinguals, of course, without a prescription.


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