Petra Visser

Petra Visser

Founder and Chief Executive, Stichting B12 Tekort

Petra was diagnosed with B12 deficiency in 2005. Prior to diagnosis she suffered many neurological symptoms, some of these were quite severe. These symptoms included poor concentration and memory, difficulty walking, bumping into things, difficulty finding the right words, tingling in arms and legs, nerve and muscle pain, no appetite, nauseousness, diminished reflexes, and many more.

Petra was very lucky, her B12 results were low and her doctor thankfully treated her as an individual. He gave as many B12 injections as she needed and taught her to self inject. Fortunately after months of the correct treatment almost all of Petra’s neurological symptoms disappeared.

During Petra’s search for more information she found the site created by Henk de Jong. She soon became a moderator on the forum of Henk’s site and also on the early Pernicious Anaemia Society forum.

The stories she read detailing years of misdiagnosis and of sufferers not receiving the correct treatment she was inspired, along with three other sufferers in 2006, to create a foundation. This foundation is dedicated to raising awareness, and spreading information about B12 deficiency to both patients and health professionals.

The foundation’s informative website has a large section with articles translated into English. They also held two extensive surveys in the last years which gave a lot of information about the problems with the diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency, as well as the recovery of patients. These survey results were also translated in to English and can be found on their website.

Website Stichting B12 Tekort

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