Priority Setting Partnership
Steering Group Interests and Privacy Form

The James Lind Alliance requests that all Steering Group members for the Pernicious Anaemia Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) complete this short questionnaire. We want to maintain a culture of openness and transparency, to encourage dialogue within partnerships and with the wider research community, and to ensure that all Steering Group members can work together effectively in an environment that is inclusive and respectful of all participants. We are asking these questions to help us work most effectively with you, and to maximise your participation in the process.
The aim of this questionnaire is to ensure the following:

  • confirmation of shared goals and values
  • confirmation of agreement to work together as a group respectfully
  • up-to-date contact details and information on communication and publicity preferences
  • transparency about any potentially competing interests.

For transparency, the information that you provide about your interests in question 7. and 8. will be circulated to all PSP Steering Group members.

A shared vision for the partnership

Practical considerations

3. Please provide us with up-to-date contact details

More than one option possible
e.g. large print, wheelchair access for meetings, dietary requirements for meetings

Declaring interests

In the interests of transparency, your response to this question will be circulated within the Steering Group.
Please include details of research interests. In the interests of transparency, your response to this question will be circulated within the Steering Group.

Code of Conduct

“It is important that members of the Steering Group work to high personal and professional standards. Steering Group members are expected to:

  • behave in a manner which does not bring the PSP or the JLA into disrepute or damage the relationship with Steering Group members, partners and any other stakeholders in the PSP
  • maintain confidentiality when sensitive information is shared
  • actively support diversity and inclusion and not discriminate against any person.

Everyone involved in the PSP should feel safe, respected and able to contribute fully.”

Publicity for the PSP

10. The Pernicious Anaemia PSP will be preparing a publicly available website to promote the priority setting exercise. As a member of the Steering Group for this PSP, it would be helpful if some biographical details of you could be shown on the PSP website. Please provide approximately 50 words for this purpose and attach a photograph. For an example of how details of Steering Group members are shown on a PSP website, please see here
Please only write down any information that you are happy to share publicly.

Steering Group members may be named in the publicly available Protocol document, describing the aims, objectives and commitments of the PSP.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

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