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New Research Project – Diet and Autoimmune Diseases

17 Apr, 2017

You may remember that we reported an interesting research project that was in the very first stages of development.

Well, we’ve just been told that the two researchers who we met with in London have been successful in their application for funding and the research project will now be taking place.

The PA Society and one other Autoimmune Disease (probably Multiple Sclerosis) will now become active partners in the research project and we will be recruiting volunteer participants for the venture in the summer. We are meeting with the project leaders next week in London.


  1. Karyl Carter

    Great news. Yet another success for Martin and the team and happy to help if needed.

    • Carrie Woodward

      Great news. If you need volunteer participants I would be happy to assist.

  2. Caron Swann de Sosa

    Excellent news! i would also be happy to assist in volunteering.

  3. Katie Sutherland

    I would also be interested in participating. As my doctor has decided my previous doctors were too nice and has gone from giving me injections of b12 every 6 weeks to now 10 ! So if a diet change could help in any way i would love to try.

  4. Ana Hughes

    I am very interested on the new research projects and will be happy to volunteered

  5. Helen Somers

    Happy to be involved with any research


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