One of the most common assumptions by health professionals and the general public is that Pernicious Anaemia is mainly found in the elderly. We know, however, that children and young adults are just as susceptible to develop the disease and we also know that it can and does affect the education and social life of young people.

It is good to know that, at last, the way in which Long-Term Health Conditions such as Pernicious Anaemia impact on 16-25 year olds is being looked at by a PhD student from Cambridge University.

Rosanna Fennessy is conducting a survey of young people with long-term conditions and she is keen to know how Pernicious Anaemia affects the lifestyle of those diagnosed with the disease.

If you are 16-25 years old and can spare 15 minutes to complete an anonymous, online survey about your education and support networks, it would be extremely helpful. For more information about the study, the researcher, or to take part:


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