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Education and Pernicious Anaemia: Has your illness impacted on your studies?

1 Mar, 2018

You may remember that last September we told you about a PhD student who was looking at how long-term conditions like Pernicious Anaemia affects those who are in education, either full or part-time. Members were invited to contact the student to tell of how, and to what extent, the condition has, or is having an impact on your studies.

The researcher has now contacted us again to thank us for helping her to recruit participants and we are pleased to hear that she has made some very interesting findings in this previously neglected area.

However, the study is still open and so if your education has been affected in whatever way by your illness, and you would like to participate in this highly important piece of research:
If you are 16-25 years old and can spare 15 minutes to complete an anonymous, online survey about your education and support networks, it would be extremely helpful!
For more information about the study, the researcher, or to take part:


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1 Comment

  1. Sue

    I am a mature student and find that PA impacts my studies when I have to write assignments 3000+ words plus Harvard referencing I suffer quite badly.
    I am interested to know why and how this happens


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