As we grow in size policies are becoming vital to ensure legal compliance, but also to provide a quality service to our members.

We have policies on Child Protection, Vulnerable Adults, Sustainability, Data Protection and Welsh Language

Protection of the Child

Our protection of the child policy exists so that our trustees, staff and volunteers all know how to deal with any problems arising in our dealings with children.

Child Protection Policy

Whilst Pernicious Anaemia is mainly found in older people, it can also affect young people (Juvenile Pernicious Anaemia). Even though membership of the society is limited to those over the age of eighteen, young people have, in the past, and will, in the future, visit the society’s internet site and forum in able to access information, advice and support from fellow members and the Information Library.

There is no guarantee that young people will not access the online forum and website to glean information about their own condition or on behalf of a family member who has the condition. All children and young people, whatever their age, gender and racial background, should be protected from harm and be valued members of the society. They should be treated with respect, listened to and kept safe.

Even though it is unlikely that this document will need to be referred to in the future, this policy will act as a reference should any child using the site turn to an adult for help regarding any aspect of their private life.

Data Protection Policy

The Pernicious Anaemia Society holds three types of information which are covered by this policy.

Organisational Information – this is mostly information which is publicly available but can also contain some personal information.

Personal Information – including the names, addresses and job titles of members of the society and perhaps their families and friends.

Sensitive Personal Information – this will usually be information about any employees or volunteers. However, the society acknowledges and recognises that it can hold sensitive information about other people, including Trustees, Members and Visitors to any meetings or seminars or to any offices occupied by the society. An example of this would be that the dietary requirements at the Annual General Meeting might allow a person’s religion to be deduced, or the sexual orientation of a person might be disclosed by the person on the society’s online forum.

Equal Opportunities Policy

The Pernicious Anaemia Society recognises that people are different and have different needs and different abilities.

Likewise our members, and others that we help, by providing information, help and support will also have different needs and abilities.

The Society believes that everyone who needs information, help and support should be able to access this regardless of their ability and that the society should treat differently-able people in a positive way and provide for the needs of all people regardless of their ability.

The Society recognises and seeks to comply fully with the legislation of the United Kingdom that relates to Equal Opportunities for all.

Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy

The characteristics of adult abuse can take a number of forms and cause victims to suffer pain, fear and distress reaching well beyond the time of the actual incident(s).

Victims may be too afraid or embarrassed to raise any complaint. They may be reluctant to discuss their concerns with other people or unsure who to trust or approach with their worries.

There may be some situations where victims are unaware that they are being abused or have difficulty in communicating this information to others.

Strategic Plan

Since the formation of the society we have demonstrated that there is a need for, and the demand for, a society that will provide Information, Advice and Support to sufferers of Pernicious Anaemia, their family and friends.

This plan strives to put in place the necessary structure to enable the society to better support its existing members, and to provide effective support to new members. We are currently in the process of implementing this plan.

Welsh Language Policy

The Pernicious Anaemia Society acknowledges the fact that Wales is a bilingual nation and adopts the principle that it will, it its operation in Wales, treat the Welsh and English languages equally.

The Pernicious Anaemia Society is committed to projecting a bilingual image in Wales and therefore will develop its use of Welsh on visual and printed material such as signs, websites, and corporate branding.


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