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Thank You to our Regular Donators

14 Apr, 2017

Last year we asked all of our members to consider making a small but regular monthly donation to the society in order to help us to meet the increasing demands made for our services.

Thank you!

We want to say a great big Thank You to the members who responded to our request and set up a monthly donation through our online form of with Direct Debit. This regular supply of funds has helped us enormously to keep doing what we do. We still do not employ anyone in either a full or part-time capacity though we do pay for regular updates of the website though this is charged at a significant discount.

We still have a long way to go however. Less than 1% of our members have responded to our request so if you haven’t already done so please consider setting up a small monthly donation with our online form or direct debit so that we improve and expand our services.
Just click the button and complete the easy online donation form or fill in the direct debit form that you can download and print.

Many thanks!

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