Office Flooded

Nov 22, 2016 | Pernicious Anaemia Society

The office has been flooded. Running from left to right, in the centre of the space a whole row of the ceiling tiles have fallen to the ground due to the weight of water that was cascading from a crack in the roof. Half of the carpet tiles are completely sodden, two desks are wrecked along with one desktop, a very old desktop computer.

Our first concern was the merchandise that has been purchased for the conference bags that delegates will be given to go home with. Thankfully they were stored in a corner of the office that was unaffected by the flooding.
The office will be closed for the next few days while the clean-up operation takes place but telephone calls have been diverted to a mobile telephone number.

What a year! Burgled in the summer and flooded in the first storm of the winter.
Things can only get better!

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