False Endorsement

10 Dec, 2014

We have received word that a doctors practice in Cornwall is sending out letters to patients who have Pernicious Anaemia stating that due to recent developments patients will no longer have to undergo the inconvenience of attending the surgery to receive their injection as tablets are now as effective as treating their condition as injections.

The letter states that this new development in treatment has been endorsed by the Pernicious Anaemia Society and that we fully support this new treatment. The letter goes on to advise patients to buy the tablets from various sources.
This is a complete Fabrication and is a Misrepresentation
We as a society do not support this new ‘initiative’ which goes against the new guidelines from the British Committee for Standards in Haematology that states that injections remain the preferred method of replacement therapy of B12.
Our policy on treatment states quite clearly that the patient should be offered a choice of how he or she be treated and how often he or she is treated.
If you receive one of these letters please contact us using the email in**@pa***.uk
We are currently taking legal advice and will be contacting the Dept of Health.

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