Pernicious Anaemia Priority Setting Partnership

What is the Pernicious Anaemia Priority Setting Partnership?

A James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership has been established by the Pernicious Anaemia Society in partnership with the James Lind Alliance, healthcare professionals, and people who have lived experience of Pernicious Anaemia.
Our aim is to produce a top ten list of research questions that patients and healthcare professionals agree are the most important for researchers to address in the diagnosis and treatment of Pernicious Anaemia.
The top ten list will be shared with the public, research funders, national policy makers and clinical studies groups to inform their priorities and strategies for funding research. Thereby, this project will enable funders to support research for which there is great need and that is aligned with the priorities of those impacted by it.

What matters most to you?

Our objective is to give the Pernicious Anaemia community a louder voice, because no one understands Pernicious Anaemia better than those whose lives have been impacted by it. The Pernicious Anaemia PSP will help set the right direction for research and call to funders to recognize these prioritized, unanswered questions.

We need your help.

Help influence the direction of Pernicious Anaemia research.
Participate in the Pernicious Anaemia PSP Prioritization Survey.

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