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Watch the 2019 PAS Conference Presentations

30 Dec, 2019

Even though our office is closed over the Christmas break, we are working behind the scenes on everything PAS. In case you missed our conference on 4th December and could not watch the livestream, you can now watch all the conference presentations of the day.

This PAS conference highlighted the Good, Poor and Unacceptable Treatment encountered by patients with Pernicious Anaemia. Professionals with an interest in the field, most of whom have carried out research for or with the Pernicious Anaemia Society, held presentations about a variety of subjects relating to the treatment of Pernicious Anaemia. Before the lunch-break workshops were held for both medical professionals and patients and we concluded the day with questions from our members and answers from our speakers. You can find more information about the speakers here.


For the first time we also offered a live broadcast of the conference to our members so everyone who was not able to attend could still watch the conference live. We will certainly do this again for our next conference and hopefully add some interactive functionality.

The conference was filmed and streamed live by the very capable crew of Solo16. One of the cameras was dedicated to conducting interviews with the speakers and any delegates who had a story to tell. These interviews will be used in the documentary that we are working on at the moment. This new documentary will raise awareness of the problems with the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pernicious Anaemia and will be published in 2020.

During the coffee/tea breaks and lunch, delegates had ample time to share their experiences of diagnosis and treatment with other sufferers and all had received a conference ‘goody bag’.
The day was a great success and both patients and professionals found it enjoyable and informative.

This conference has been made possible by the kind and generous donations from a number of members of the society, we have received no external funding, and, on behalf of the members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society, we would like to thank those individuals again for their benevolence.

Conference Presentations

The Presentations are free of charge to members of the society. Do consider making a small donation to cover the cost of filming and editing. To view the presentations, just login and view all the presentations of the day here or follow the link on the Members’ Homepage. Not a member? We’ll be making the videos available to everyone later on in 2020. To watch now, join the PAS, support our work and have access to all our member benefits.

Up-and onwards into 2020 in which we’ll continue our work on getting the diagnosis and treatment of Pernicious Anaemia revised, continue lobbying and raising awareness and supporting (ongoing) research in the field. Much more to come!

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