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17 Nov, 2016

Pernicious Anaemia Society

We’ve been getting quite a few telephone calls about the conference in Birmingham on the 10th December. As you will see, the conference is a sell out with the last tickets being snatched up over three weeks ago. The telephone callers want to know one of two things.

Firstly, will be making more tickets available? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The event is funded by a grant from the Big Lottery and only covers 149 places. And anyway, the venue will be full to capacity and we couldn’t fit any more people in.

The callers then ask if it would be worth their while simply turning up on the day to see if anyone hasn’t attended who was supposed to attend so that they could take their place. Again, the answer is no as some attendees are travelling from overseas and might not be able to attend for the first hour or so. And it is unlikely that anyone who has bought a ticket will not be attending. So please don’t simply turn up on the day – it simply won’t be possible for you to attend without a ticket.
The next conference, in two years’ time will be double the size of this one.

Conference Video
The conference will be recorded by a professional film company in order that those who are unable to attend the event will be able to find out what research the society is involved with.

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    A video for existing doctors!!!! YEAH!!!!! Will every surgery get one and, more to the point, will they watch and note????? AND PUT INTO PRACTICE?

  2. Michelle

    A step in the right direction.

  3. Michelle

    When your cognitive skills & concentration are at an all time low due to b12 deficiency & you struggle to communicate this to your GP, a DVD is an excellent way to deliver this information.

  4. Catherine Farrell

    YES, the video for doctors is very good news. Let’s hope they do bother to watch it, even though they don’t bother to look up anything else about P.A. (Exactly why is that behaviour so common??)


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