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4 Jun, 2019

Next Thursday (6th June) we will be attending the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay to tell Welsh Assembly Members about the problems we face getting diagnosed and treated.
The event is being sponsored by Huw Irranca-Davies AM who is one of the AM’s representing the Bridgend area. All AM’s have been sent an invitation to the Reception.

All members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society who live in Wales should have received an email asking them to contact their Assembly Members (AM’s) asking them to attend the event between 12 noon and 1:30
If you live in Wales and have not yet asked your AM’s to attend please contact them and ask them to go along to hear a presentation by Martyn Hooper MBE that will raise awareness of this serious health issue.

Remember, you will have five AM’s representing you. If you are unsure who your representative are please click here:
Scroll down and enter your postcode.
Simply send them an email asking them to attend the event.
Thank you!

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  1. Teresa

    I have had b12 injections for the past 15 years every 12 weeks and feel so I’ll for a couple of weeks before my injection but now am told I gave to wait for 3 months bew NHS guidelines so I am now 13 weeks and gave to wait another week before my I injections and feel so I’ll why why do I have to suffer this when one injection will make me feel better

    • Sylvia Scott

      For 52 years I did my own injection. Two years ago it was decided by doctor I had to go to the surgery for it. The timing is now so precise and appointments difficult to get I have low b12 according to blood tests. There is no doubt this is affecting my health. Who is responsible for these restrictions ? I think I know best when an injection is due not some non sufferer.

  2. Diane Davies

    Hello im crying doing this as I feel desperate. I was having b12 injections for many years, some say it runs in the family. It must be at least 3years since I was told my levels were too high and would not need it for at least two years.Now it is over three years and after blood tests earlier this year imtold I do not need it.I asked then why do I have all symptoms of needing it and what is wrong with me. I have not had answer I have thought of going private as perhaps its all in my head. My family see difference in me but I feel like I am nuicance. thank you DIANE DAVIES

    • Martyn Hooper

      Please consider joining the society to access the Helpline

    • Sarah

      There is a Pernicious Anaemia Society forum on Health Unlocked, a social network site.

      There may be people on it who have had a similar experience.


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