Pernicious Anaemia Symptoms Checklist

There are several things to bear in mind when looking at the symptoms of Pernicious Anaemia:

  • Pernicious Anaemia predominantly results in neurological and anaemia signs and symptoms, but neuropsychiatric symptoms are often the first manifestation.
  • Even though the name Pernicious Anaemia suggest anaemia is always present, this is often not the case. Often neurological and neuropsychiatric symptoms occur (long) before anaemia is present so the absence of anaemia should not be a reason not to consider Pernicious Anaemia.
  • The symptoms often develop (slowly) over many years. This means that doctors and patients might attribute the symptoms to advancing age or a busy modern lifestyle.
  • The symptoms vary in severity from patient to patient; and some patients will have all or nearly all of the them while others will have just a few.
  • Many of the symptoms are associated with a wide range of other illnesses which contributes towards the problem with patients receiving a late diagnosis.
  • Some patients will have only a few of the symptoms, while some will have many. The following list includes most symptoms, though not all.

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