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Vitamin B12 Deficiency is a worldwide problem. It is thought that as many as 6 million Britons could be deficient in this essential vitamin. In the developed world the most common cause of any deficiency is the inability of the patient to absorb B12 from food (Autoimmune Metaplastic Atrophic Gastritis) more commonly known as Pernicious Anaemia.

Consequences of Untreated Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Left untreated, any B12 Deficiency will lead to serious health problems. Other information leaflets produced by the PAS deal with the neurological consequences of B12 Deficiency but this leaflet will concentrate on the way in which any deficiency will affect the behaviour of patients. According to a survey of over 1,300 members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society, 86% of members experienced emotional symptoms including irritability (75%), impatience (64%), mood swings (58%) and suicidal thoughts (22%).

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