Methylcobalamin Infusion Statement

The Pernicious Anaemia Society is aware that many of its members are unable to receive treatment for their condition that is based on their need and are regularly refused more frequent injections than the stated regime in the country within which they live. The society notes the following:

1. The Pernicious Anaemia Society is aware that this denial of a treatment regime based around the individual patient causes unnecessary suffering.

2. Many members are forced into buying either Hydroxocobalamin or Cyanocobalamin from pharmacies in countries where B12 is available over the counter, and either inject themselves or get a friend or relative to inject them usually without the knowledge or consent of their doctor.

3. Many members are offered anti-depressant medication when they request a more frequent vitamin B12 injection regime.

4. Doctors practicing in the Private Sector, or those who also practice Homeopathic Medicine, offer an alternative treatment regime using Methylcobalamin Infusions and providing Methylcobalamin that is self-injected sub-cutaneously whenever the patient feels the need for it.
This Statement relates to the provision of Methylcobalamin Infusions and Injections.

The Pernicious Anaemia Society:

a. Does not recommend that patients should pursue this form of treatment without consulting their doctor but will, if asked, provide information about this alternative treatment, along with the names of practicing doctors who provide this therapy.
b. Is unaware of any side-effects experienced by patients who have undergone this form of treatment.
c. Will always recommend that the patient discusses this course of treatment with his or her doctor:
d. Will always recommend that, if the patient is considering this course of treatment, then it should only be administered by a registered and practicing physician.

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